Tuesday Things

You know how I love alliterations. I’ve got a few random things that have been rolling around inside my brain, lucky for you I’ve decided to share. Try to contain your excitement.

  • I was feeling philosophical Sunday while I was driving down the freeway at 80 mph, some song about being in a boat was playing on the radio. It’s been two days and I have memory problems, so I can’t actually tell you what it was. ANYWAY. It got me thinking about how my life lately has felt like sailing on the ocean. Some days it’s smooth sailing where I just kick back and relax, other days that boat is rocking and I’m running around trying to keep from tipping over.
  • I’ve been spending a lot of time digging in the dirt, like hours and hours every weekend. You’d never know it by looking at our postage stamp size back “yard.” I use the term yard loosely, since it is mostly a pool and concrete. But it IS tiny. After too many summers spent around the pool being blinded by all the white concrete and white brick and white wood, I decided it was time to beautify. And grow stuff. I think I mentioned I was planting some vegetables.  Good news on that front, they haven’t died yet!  Last weekend I picked up a package of beans to plant.

    Naturally I had to capture this for you, but I cropped out my dirt covered fingers. I didn’t tell the kids what kind of beans we were planting and I can’t wait to see their reaction to purple beans. I am probably more excited than I should be about these.

  • I was lucky enough to run with the fabulous Miss Julie TWO times last week. Both days we ran on trails and I’m happy to report that I did not fall nor did we get lost. I may NEVER be the hardcore trail runner that Julie is, but I will gladly suffer twisted ankles and tripping over rocks if it means I get to run with this amazing lady.  After being injured for weeks and not running for weeks, she finished sixth at Hell’s Hills. She’s amazing!
  • Do you have a Dunkin Donuts  near you? We’re talking within eight or ten hours here people. If so, go as soon as you can and get the cookie dough iced coffee. And if you go on a Monday before May 12th you can even have it for free! You KNOW how much I like coffee and even better when it’s free! Danielle mentioned how delicious the cookie dough iced coffee was and I thought about it nonstop for a week before I was finally able to try it. It’s worth an eight hour drive, I promise!

    From Instagram yesterday. I had decided to get an iced coffee on the way to work (because I’m addicted) and after I ordered it found out that I could have gotten a free medium instead, IN the FREE mug. Naturally I wasn’t going to turn down #MOARCOFFEE, so I drank both. Duh.

  • I’m looking forward to Wednesday, a good friend I haven’t seen in almost three years will be coming in to town for a few hours and we’re going to dinner. I think. I’m bad at planning these things. Weeknights are so hard when you’re a grown up and have to shuttle kids here and there and worry silly things like bedtimes. I pretty much just told her to decide what we do and I’ll drive the car. That’ll work, right?
  • And Fiesta starts soon! I still do not understand it at all, but I get a day off on the 25th, so I’m not really going to question it too much. I’m hoping there will be cupcakes and medals in my future, like last year. There are three or four races associated with the three week long celebration. And maybe if I were better at planning, I would have signed up for one of them. I guess it’s not too late, and I do like to procrastinate.

I think that’s about all the randomness that’s going on with me. I’m wondering now though if I’m the only one who is horrible at making plans with friends, especially on weeknights.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. That’s pretty awesome you’re trying to grow stuff! I grew veggies for the first time last year, learned a lot of new things. My hard is pretty small and doesn’t get a ton of light. So I know the challenge it is with smaller space. But yay for doing it!
    Awesome that you’re venturing out into the trails too. That’s something that whenever I do it I say “I need to do this more often”

    • Trail running is definitely something I wish I did more of. The main drawback for me is that most of the trails are a pretty long drive from where I am. And I hate driving in terrible traffic on weekdays, so that only leaves weekends…And I don’t want to do a long run when I might fall and break my neck.

      Do you plan to plant anything this year? My yard kind of has the opposite problem (well aside from the small part). We get so much sun and it is HOT HOT HOT sun that plants and veggies need to be pretty hardy.

  2. Your Dunkin Donuts comment made me laugh. There’s one 3 miles from my house, but I haven’t been since Stephen left at the beginning of February. I find it too dangerous to go alone. Someone has to split whatever I buy! I am not trusted with an entire whatever-I-buy alone by myself. Even if all I buy is a little baggie of munchkins. Not safe.

    • Oh that’s how I feel about visiting Dunkin Donuts too! There is one within walking distance of our house and I always feel like it’s just too much temptation. But FREE coffee….I can’t say no to free coffee!

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