Five For Friday

After my Houston Marathon recap I had planned to write a follow up post reviewing the Run Less Run Faster/FIRST Method of training…But then I never did and I got distracted by all the shiny things. I do plan to write that up, I learned a lot and  it might be helpful to put out there on the Internets for people looking for a different approach to marathon training. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen today, instead it’ll be five random, non-running related facts that you might not know about me. What can I say, I feel like sharing.

  1. I don’t like wearing shoes inside, but I hate to be barefoot. Woah, groundbreaking, right? I have horrible circulation due to Raynaud’s and that means my feet get really cold and numb very easily. It’s not unusual for my toes to be white or purple on an 80 degree day. That means I’m almost always wearing socks when I’m at home. I just like the way my feet feel nice and soft inside ’em.  Not to mention the not going numb part, that’s a big plus.
  2. I love, love, LOVE to garden. Growing stuff (flowers, vegetables, fruits) is really my jam. There is something soothing about planting a tiny seed and watching it grow and blossom.  When we lived in Seattle I looked into taking classes to become a Master Gardener. That was before Tysen was born and I actually had time to think about that sort of thing. I have boxes and boxes of gardening books that haven’t been touched since we moved. Now that we’re in Texas, gardening is completely different and I still haven’t figured out how to grow things in the super hot summer here.
  3. Work is slowly crushing my soul. I am not sure why, but all the little things lately have just left me feeling awful all day, every day at work. I spend over half my waking hours at work, I should not be so miserable. I either need to take steps to change it or stop complaining. I know I’m not the only one ever to feel this way, it’s not a new phenomenon, but I’ve recently realized just how unhappy I am. I guess that’s not really a random fact, just more of a statement.
  4. I love gummy candies. I like chocolate but could easily live without it, however chewy/gummy candies get me every time! Swedish Fish are probably my favorite and I think the Target brand is actually the best in flavor and softness. When we go to the movies, I always choose a box of Dots and if I’m feeling crazy a box of Red Vines too. Mike and Ike’s are delicious, I especially love the blue box because it contains all red flavors. I understand red dye is evil, but it makes those red candies just perfect. I do not like green or orange flavors though, they are gross.
  5. I could sit and read for hours. Long ago, in a mysterious time I can barely remember, when I was without tiny people in my life, I could sit and read my way through an entire book in one day. I still love reading, but it’s harder to fit it in now. I tend to find an author or series I love and read every book I can find. Long ago, in that mysterious time, e-books were a new technology and I was a strong hold out against switching. I love the feel of a book in my hands, turning pages over, and putting in a cute bookmark. However I’ve come to embrace digital books and can’t believe I was ever against them! I can put about five million books on my iPad and still have room for five million more.

That about wraps it up, it’s surprisingly difficult to think of so many non-running related pieces of my life. That should probably scare me more than it does, something about needing hobbies or some other nonsense.

This is the part where I ask you to tell me some random fact, but you don’t have to, I hate to put peer pressure on you!

9 thoughts on “Five For Friday

  1. When you said you were going to start running, I thought you were crazy, well more so than normal. When you decided to run a marathon, I began to question whether we really were sisters, just kidding, I am so very proud of you for that that I brag to people who don’t know you. This Fun Filled Five For Friday recap reassured me that we are more alike than I ever thought we were!!! My love of Swedish Fish, gardening, and reading. My dislike of my job and wearing shoes inside but need to keep my socks on. All of these things make me so happy that you are my sister. I just wish you lived closer, you know so you could garden when it isn’t 200 degrees in the shade. <3

  2. I am interested to hear your take on the RLRF training program. I started it about a month ago after talking with Amy about it. I like it so far, but I’m not training for anything at the moment. Haha.

  3. I used RLRF and I’d still love to hear your thoughts on the program! I have so much to say about it, but I don’t want to bore everyone on my blog by only writing about running, so I’m trying to mix it up. We’ll see how long that lasts.

    • I love reading all aspects of what you write! I can’t imagine getting bored reading about your running…but stranger things have happened. I hope you write up your thoughts about it, since I think I first heard about it from you!

  4. I can’t get on board with the “I can live without chocolate” part, but I identify with some other stuff. I opposed ebooks for awhile but I’m past that now and could never imagine life without my kindle! I also have Reynauds and work is also crushing my soul. I feel for you, it sucks. I rely on hot drinks all day long.

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